Reebok|CrossFit Velocity Kids Parent Letter

Dear CrossFit Kids’ Parent,

Thank you for allowing your child to be a part of the CrossFit Kids Class! The commitment to our children’s future is a beautiful, arduous, amazingly nuanced path; the coaches are excited you have chosen CrossFit Kids to be a part of that path as CrossFit has changed all of our lives immeasurably for the better. With your child, we are not only able to potentially enhance their lives, but we also have the opportunity to shape their lives and their realities within them. It is with this endeavor I have dedicated my life; your child’s safety and opportunity to potentiate their personal lives are my primary focus.

I wanted to take this opportunity, now that the Kids Class is underway, to introduce myself formally and to set some policies and procedures for the safety of your child and the efficacy of their CrossFit class experience.
My name is Matthew Evans I started training and coaching CrossFit 5 years ago and CrossFit Kids 4 years ago at a local comprehensive school and Nick (co-owner RCFV) and I recently hosted the CrossFit Kids trainers seminar where coaches from the U.S. came to RCFV to train a number of UK coaches in the CrossFit Kids methodology. Along with Nick and myself we are pleased to say that two of our excellent coaches Kelly Evans and Leighton Davies attended and passed the course and will be heading up the CrossFit Kids classes at RCFV. We are currently the only affiliated CrossFit Kids Affiliate in Wales.

We will be running four major groups for classes: Preschool / Nursery (ages 3-5), Kids (ages 5-11), Teens (ages 11-16) Teens (ages 16-18).

Please note that it is not the age of your child that is the deciding factor for what class he or she attends. It is largely based upon individual skill, athleticism, and maturity and is ultimately decided upon by the head coach to ensure your child is getting the most out of the CrossFit experience. Preschool class lasts 20 minutes, Kids class lasts 30 minutes, and the Teens class is broken into a one-hour weightlifting session (by invitation only based on their movement mechanics and desire) and 50-minute classes that look much like an adult class.

As previously stated, your child’s safety is paramount to the coaches, and it is with this focus I need your help. Below are some rules that we must enforce as a CrossFit Community to best protect your child; please:

1. Walk your children inside the building for the start of the class, and come inside the building to pick them up.
2. Bring your children to the designated Kid area, where the head coach will meet them and take them onto the gym floor for the day’s class.
3. Immediately notify the head coach if you see anyone in the car park or in the gym who does not belong there.
4. Unless pre-arranged with the head coach, the children are only allowed to go home with the person who drops them off.
5. Until we get to know all of you and your children by name, please sign your child in and out with the head coach so I can ensure they are going home with the appropriate person.
6. Payment is month to month, and due the first of each month.
7. A waiver, signed by a parent or legal guardian, is required for each child before he or she is allowed to participate in a class.
8. Ensure your child has a bottle of water, or a bottle that can be filled up at the gym. Don’t forget to put your child’s name on it!
9. Ensure your children are wearing clothes appropriate for running, jumping, rolling, pulling, swinging, climbing, crawling, throwing, and being upside down.
10. If you choose to stay and watch the class (which I hope you do!), please do not coach your child.
11. Children with disciplinary problems: first warning-free of consequence, second warning-sit out the first two minutes of the game, third warning-go to the parent.
12. Finally, please make the head coach aware of any special needs for your children that may facilitate their individual safety, learning, and growth (i.e., medications, illness, physical/mental limitations, injury, sports, etc.).

I look forward to getting to know all of you personally and training your children to the utmost of my ability. If you have any questions, comments, problems, or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get a hold of me at the following:

Matthew Evans / Nick Jones
Owners Reebok CrossFit Velocity