If you are at a loose end on Saturday head down to CF31 in Bridgend to cheer on our guys who are competing in the Last Box Standing event – they would love the support!!


Clean From High Blocks


Deadlift 100/70kg

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  1. simmo

    10:03 100kg Deadlift, HSPU’s were RX but inconsistent with feet coming off the wall on a few reps! Cheers Jaff for the pointers, definately helped! Progress is being made!

  2. gocalf

    6.23(piked press) was good to do this quick got very fatigued on piked press.Finding them harder than box press up.

  3. 2.38 as rx, PB by 27s. More impressed by cyborg Gi PB’ing after more or less 5 months off!

  4. Another OLY-Class PB for today. Clean from high blocks


    Great atmos and Daf also hit his PB at the same weight!!


  5. Absolutely over the moon with a 92.5kg clean off the blocks.
    Awesome atmosphere.
    Next time I will go…….

  6. djrob2003

    WOD 5.59 @ 80kg pike press
    well done Free

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