If you grew up watching The Fresh Prince of Bel Air you have to see this if you have not already!!


3 x 10 Deadlifts @70% 1RM
rest 2 mins between sets


100 Double Unders
50 ABMAT Sit Ups
40 Front Rack Lunges 50/30kg
30 Shoulder to Overhead 50/30Kg
20 Handstand Push Up

Post loads and time to comments


  1. Leights

    17.05 rx

    Brutal first one back, du’s crap, lunges brutal, hspu after gtoh, torturous.

    Love it !!!!!!!

  2. simmo

    No idea of time 20 something minutes.
    DU’s took me forever, lunges were horrible and I agree with Leights, HSPU after STOH was brutal!
    Thanks to everyone for gettin me through! Thats the kinda shit that I pay my membership for!!!!
    Loved it!!

    • Leights

      Great work Buddy, awesome attitude, I did actually think you had broken your neck at one point !!!!! 20.27 rx.

    • simmo

      Cheers Pal! Nah, I was ok, my arms just didn’t push like I told them to, and my core just didnt have the energy to tense! Haha!

  3. Nicky

    Great effort Simon ! 13 something I had … My du’s are unacceptable :)

  4. 7.46 as rx suited. did 40 dus, chuffed.

  5. 8.46 rx My arms were gone on hspu! they took for ages!

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