Make sure you go at your WOD like this goat:

20 Min EMOM
1 Power Snatch
2 Behind Neck Jerk (Snatch Grip)
3 Overhead Squats

Post load (s) to commments


  1. Terri

    Not sure if it is lack of sleep or the punishing 4 osteo and massage (thnx Debs) treatments in the last week, but this WOD absolutely flattened me. Do not underestimate it.

    Stuck to 35kg all the way… failed 2 OHS… very happy.. last year 35kg power snatch would have eluded me. Got better as I went through the WOD.

    Wrist killa!

  2. simmo

    All rounds @50kg
    Agree with Tezza, it was an Absolute wrist wrecker!!

  3. Went 25kg which felt comfortable until my wrist gave up half way through and had to resort to back squats. Smashed my neck and head a few times too. Destroyed me!

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