The workout today is a little tip of the hat to the regional athletes – when you do this remember they do this an individuals and with a heavier dumbbell!!


In Pairs:

100 Wall ball 9/7kg
100 Chest To Bar Pull-ups
100 Pistols (Alternating)
100 Dumbbell Snatches 20/15kg (Alternating)

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  1. Uh. There’s no one else here at the moment.
    Looks like I’m doing it on my own.
    Should be done by sundown.

  2. Thank god a few more turned up.
    Me and Leights – 17:23 I think.

  3. simmo

    24:17 Me and Lozza!! Great sesh today guys. Thanks for helpin on the pull-ups Lozz, carried me there!!

  4. Nicky

    16 something on my Sweeney Todd ….. But did 50’s rather than 100….

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