Work these every time you are at the box…..if you don’t already!:


Snatch Technique Focus


A) 6 mins to establish best 3 Snatches

B) Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes 2 snatch @75% of best snatch in part A

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  1. gocalf

    70-70-70 = 210kg for 6 min snatches
    went 40kg for omem to work tekkers on squat snatch really enjoyed this morning felt like I improved technique

  2. simmo

    70-70-70 Snatch
    50 kg for 2sets, then dropped to 40kg for rest of OMEM.
    Tried hard not to catch then ride it down as an OHS. Needs a lot of work but saw some improvement.

  3. Didn’t perform WOD coz my shoulders were shagged after O-Class. Worked good tekkers on third pull (pull under/drop) worked Heaving Snatch Balance. 1 rep per load. 40/50/60/70/75kg. Stoked with that. Cheers Gbemi for cheering me on an making me do the 75kg again.

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