L1mayAnother great CrossFit L1 Seminar at RCFV this past weekend! Great participants made for a really great weekend.  It is about the 5th L1 we have hosted and it is always nice for Nick and I to hear the compliments on the box as a training facility – I think we all forget how lucky we are sometimes!!  Well done to Sean, Banf and Shelmo for attending.  Coaches Terri and Frew also attended to further strengthen their coaching skills.


For Time:



Squat Clean 60/40kg

Ring Dips

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  1. gocalf

    16.05 with 60kg cleans and thin banded dips(form was pretty bad on dips need to work on it) definitely think the dips are harder on the main rings rather than the rack though will always do them there from now on.

  2. Leights

    Well done Guys on completing your course.

    Wod 9.48 rx ( 2 min pb )

  3. Live laugh love x

    11.57 42.5kg ring dips 12-9-6 first time doing full rings dips in wod without band :-)

    previously 40kg ring dips with band 11.58 in march

  4. 6.48 rx should do better

  5. Wasnt too hard on myself for time. Wanted to push it as last time I used 40kg. (This was over a year ago). Form
    On Squat Cleans felt good after lots of time in O-Class and working the positions and the catch.

    WOD as RX 12:04.

    Previous: WOD @ 40kg 8:44

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