Clean and Jerk Technique

Have a watch of below – so invaluable to get inside the head of a world class lifter!


A) 6 minutes on the clock:

In this time, you must establish your 3 heaviest Clean and Jerks (Singles). You can complete as many Reps as you like in this time but your score will be the total weight lifted in the heaviest 3. Eg 70-75-80 total = 225kg

B) 10 Minutes: Every minute on the minute

2 Clean and Jerks at about 75% of your heaviest single (Established in A)


  1. simmo

    85-90-95 = 270 kg
    Need to break 100kg.

    Work on 75kg comfortably on the OMEM

  2. gocalf

    90-95-100 = 285kg felt I had more in the tank but ran out of time could have lifted 100 a few times will know for next time.
    olly lifting after enjoyed working on my clean and jerk form.

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