It’s FGB time!!!
Last time was October – who is gonna PB?
Watch the video for a breakdown of the workout:

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  1. first time doing this wod : 233 RX

  2. Live laugh love x

    really wish i had used my training diary correctly before and not been so pussy to post my (what i thought) crappy score. Would of loved to see the difference.
    FGB- 338 rx (125/112/101)
    followed by prowlers with tezza :-)

  3. gocalf

    347 rx one of my favourtie wod’s good improvement on last time 322 reps. helped to have a target to beat for each round. reckon could have done a couple more reps on last round if I did’nt trip over the box…. twice

  4. Fieldy

    289 rx
    7 short of Pb. Lost count in second round so who knows??

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