Just a little update for you….the sharp ones amongst you will have noticed that we are missing quite a few bumper plates and when the box gets busy it is a bit of a fight for bumpers.
This is down to the fact that Welsh Weightlifting have moved their Swansea base from RCFV to CF SA1 and all their old skool Elikieo bumpers now have a new home.
We have ordered a shit ton more (technical term) hi-temp bumpers but there has been shipping delay from the US they should have been with us last week but are scheduled for mid May. So please bear with us!!

Another On Ramp Grad Mark (see pic on the right in the Instagram feed) shaved 1:08 off his test re-test. Great work, we look forward to seeing you in the classes!


7 Rounds For Time:
21 Alternating lunge steps
14 KB swings 24/16kg
21 Alternating lunge steps

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  1. Leights

    17.38 with 5 hspu each round.

  2. Live laugh love x

    14.29 6 hspu each round

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