Brett Marshall was one of my hero’s back in 2007 when I first came across CrossFit. He was the Rich Froning of the time and interesting fact he “invented” the butterfly pull up!!!
Great to see his box – full of great coaching, great standards and members who love their CrossFit!


Central Manchester Games Qualifier WOD 3
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  1. Leights

    The round of 12 completed, and 4 ttb of the round of 15, at Masters weight. the 15’s ruined me !

  2. Round of 12 completed. 9
    Front squats of the 15’s Rx.

  3. Round of 9 completed plus 3 Pull ups of Round of 12. TTB are really slow, got to get a rhythm going!

  4. 12 completed rounds. 4 FS into round 15. Must be the early morning affecting me-did CTB pull ups up to round 9! Thanks Terri for pointing this out.

  5. 12 completed. 3Pull ups of the round of 15. Knees quickly resembling that of an 80 year old.. Great news

  6. 12’s 4 GTOH Rx
    Broke me!

  7. 15’s done, + 18 FS + 1 STOH

  8. djrob2003

    12 15 FS @ 40kg

  9. Open Gym Thursday

    12s done with 7 of the 15 STOH rx

  10. 9s done + 3ttb rx

  11. round of 12 + 8ttb masters weight

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