Proud Dad Si with Bridget May

Tomorrow the workout will be “Bridget May” in honor of Simon and Charlotte’s beautiful baby girl.  We wish mum and dad all the happiness in the world and look forward to seeing Bridget May at RCFV Kids in a few years!!

Also Phil and Fieldy have got a night out planned for May 17th check out the board at the box and our FB page for details..everyone welcome!!

There is also the opportunity to go for a few drinks and have some food next Friday at RTS in Killay. They are the people behind the cafe that will be going in upstairs and it is a good opportunity to try some of their AWESOME food!! Sign up on the board at the box.


AMRAP 5mins
10 Snatch 50/35kg
10 Pull Ups
4 10m Shuttle Runs


AMRAP 5mins
5 Snatch 50/35kg
5 Pull Ups
2 10m Shuttle Runs

Post rounds for each AMRAP to comments


  1. Congratulations both!! :)
    Unfortunately I can’t take part in Brigette May but what a beautiful idea :)
    xx congratulations xx

  2. Bridget May ^ sorry x

  3. Congratulations on the birth of your beautiful daughter Si. Fantastic photo of you both.

  4. Welcome to the world Bridget May! Congrats to you both!

    Open Gym
    ‘Jack’ @ 40kgs

    20 min amrap
    10 push press 40kgs
    10 kb swings 24kgs
    10 box jumps 24″

    9 rounds + 10 pp+ 1 kb swing

  5. Congrats bro x

  6. Nothing quite so beautiful as a photo of adoring parent and child. Congrats Si, I may be stuck on pistols for 15 mins, but I’ll be there!

  7. Congratulations si, she’s lovely x

  8. Thanks for the kind wishes everyone. Note to the next parents among us, try to have 1st Jan as birthdate and a light (but healthy obv) baby to keep the reps n’ weights down! Thanks again. Si.

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