For Time:
Thrusters 40/30kg
Lateral Burpees Over Bar

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  1. 11:28 RX Poor intensity this morning. Feeling the aftermath of a quality weekend of WOD’ing.

  2. Live laugh love x

    9.05 rx actually starting to like burpees. felt strong in thrusters for the first time ever this morning, defo due to the extra squatting im doing

  3. Leights

    10 – 1
    Burpees and Pull Ups.
    Knee and hammy’s in tatters!

    thanks for all the “good lucks”, and “congrats”.

  4. 10:44 rx Blower! Happy to get under 11mins

  5. 9.40 Rx was feeling sluggish this morning so happy with that

  6. G-Skins

    8:45ish rx can’t remember. Was in the 40’s tho.

    Legs were burning!

  7. 8:18rx. Should have been sub 8 if I wasn’t such a pussy

  8. 10.50 – did 50kg front squat as shoulders were playing up

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