Good luck in the Raising The Bar comp this weekend Leights and Terri – if any of you guys fancy heading up to Cardiff to support them I am sure they would love it!!! I will be thinking of you while in sunny Barcelona!!


With a partner, complete:

10 minute AMRAP – Rowing
10 minute AMRAP – Wall Ball 9/7kg
10 minute AMRAP – 200m Runs

Post score to comments


  1. Good luck Terri and Leights, should b up by 1ish to support u both! :)

  2. Live laugh love x

    Myself & Amber
    Rowing- swapped every 200m. Total 2222m
    Wallballs 7kg/3kg- stuck at 10 each. Total 256
    Running- 2400m
    good blower!

  3. Anybody fancy doing this wod with me in open gym later???

  4. Good luck both. You’ll smash them like Mikko hopefully does droning!

  5. Did this with Nia and Tom P.
    Combined score with Nia:-
    Row 2494m, 500m intervals. Almost got the last 500m.
    Wall Ball 197
    Run 2,300m
    Great WOD. Achillies still killing me so couldn’t push too much on run! Gutted!

  6. Worked with Owain; can’t remember our exact scores but something along the lines of row-2441m/ wall balls 231 7kg/9kg/ run 2730m/ Great wod; I was in a world of pain!!! Cheers Owain for pushing me all the way!!!

  7. 5 min row with no rest – 1338
    10 min wall ball, 1 min rest inbetween – 109
    no run die to rain

  8. Press 5-5-5-5-5

    Bench 5-5-5-5-5

    Butterfly skills
    Max reps unbroken 3-3-4-7(pb!)-5
    Chuffed with that cheers Gembi and Frew for the pointers!

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