I have talked a lot about not using a stack of Ab mats when doing HSPU in a workout – preferring a HSPU in pike from the ground.
The video below is a series of progressions aimed at getting a bit of volume into your strict HSPU development. It is not for using in a WOD. If you do not have a strict HSPU yet – watch this video note the progressions and workout on this little ladder every time you are at the box (if you want to get your strict HSPU you need to practice this EVERY DAY)

3 Rounds For Time:
3 Rope Climbs
50 DU

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  1. 19.38 (pike hspu) double unders were super slow today

  2. Great WOD, awesome tips from Matt too on DU’s and HSPU’s which really helped(cheers dude)
    21:02 2 Rounds RX then dropped to 7 HSPU in last round to maintain intensity.

  3. 9:41 (2 rcs per round & pike hspu’s)
    (Felt like 4 rounds after my rope snapped in r1 and Si convinced me to start again!)

  4. Live laugh love x

    Scaled to 8 HSPU per round to get to as close to 10 mins as poss.

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