This is seriously beautiful….couple of things you can take from it.
1) Bar stays close all the way
2) Look at the constant hip angle (back stays the same until bar is up around mid-thigh)
3) The position he gets to at 31 secs…thats our down and up we practice..also note the bar gets to the waist band of his shorts before he “jumps”
4) Pause it at 34 secs and admire that “finish”
5) The solid footwork as he moves to his landing position
6) His aggressive, strong receiving overhead position


Push Press
Push Jerk

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  1. Live laugh love x

    I will snatch with that form one day…
    Press- 37.7×4 40×1(pb)
    Push press- 3x 45- 47.5- 47.5- 50(f on 3rd rep)- 47.5
    Push jerk- 5x 45- 47.5- 45- 47.5(f on 3+4 rep- 45
    shoulders were fried by the time i got to push jerk, but… so much better on all 3 than previously at end of jan!!

  2. poetry in motion

  3. Fieldy

    Yesterday’s wod
    3rds of:
    400m row as many burpees in 2mins with 2 mins rest
    Burpees: 10-8-8

    Today’s wod:
    Press: 50-55-57.5-60f-60f
    Push press: 60-65-70-75f
    Push jerk: 70
    Ran out of time! Need to sort my press out!

  4. good video!

    Press – 35kg/35/37.5/40/40; Failed 35kg last time we did this wod in Jan so super happy with that! :)

    Push Press – 40kg/45/47.5/50/55

    push jerk – 50kg/50/55/55/50 Felt good; loads more in me for sure! :)

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