From next week on Mon, Weds and Fri at 8pm we have a Zumba class starting. Please let us know if you wish to attend. We also have 5 sunbeds due to be delivered soon, they are held up in customs at the moment.



5 Rounds of 2 minutes with 2 minutes rest

400m row + Max burpees to end of 2 minutes.

Post burpees for each round to comments.


  1. Live laugh love x

    Wow miranda is amazing
    Not into zumba, I’d be up for pole dancing classes, crossfitPOLE? :-)

  2. G-Skins

    150 downward dog for time

    Burpees 10-9-8-8-10

  3. Ah, that explains the music of late! 😉

  4. I thought you weren’t aloud to drop the bar from above your head until you had held it stationary to show control?

  5. Is the Zumba just for members or can anyone come? The wife might be interest in this.

  6. Zumba. Does this mean Darryll has now taken over the running of the place? Nice. He’s been mentioning Debenture prices for sunbeds of late too!

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