No O-Class tonight both classes are WOD classes.

We knew that we would see a repeat workout at some stage during the 2013 Open – this is 12.4 from last year. CrossFit is measurable, observable and repeatable and the data gathered worldwide from the scores last year will be compared to the scores this year to see if the has been a global improvement in WCABTMD.
On a personal level if you did last years Open how cool will it be to see what progress you have made?? You have to love this stuff!!!!

CrossFit Games Open 13.3

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 12 minutes of:
150 Wall ball shots, 20 pound ball
90 Double-unders
30 Muscle-ups

Post rounds/reps to comments


  1. G-Skins

    Will be there @ 6:30 to be judged.

    Can already tell you my score: 240 RX

  2. snap skins, but remeber the tie breaker :)

  3. snap skins, but remember the tie breaker :)

  4. G-Skins

    240 RX (10:32)

    Toys game out the pram on wall ball 82; glad everyone found it amusing :)

  5. Hi Matt
    Can I book Saturday 9.30 open gym to do the 13.3 WOD

  6. 150 wb 10:03
    90 du’s 11:33
    1 mu (trans)

  7. Live laugh love x

    last year I only got 135 wall balls
    This year 150 wall balls in 7.53
    240 rx 11.34, bloody du’s were horendous, felt like i had no feet after wall balls. actually enjoyed this wod :-)

  8. A good wod, shame I havent mastered the muscle up yet though; finished wall balls and double unders in 8.33 Nothing more frustrating than having three and a half minutes but can do nothing wiv :( Could have had a good score if I was in the muscle up club!!! Next year eh!!! :)

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