Bad news – the worlds worst social secretary has hung up his diary!!! SOB is going to focus on his career and qualifying for the 2015 CF Games.
The good news is these idiots are taking over….so watch this space for the next RCFV get together.

fieldy phil


A) 15 mins to get heavy single Shoulder to Overhead (STOH)

For Time:
15 STOH 60/40
100 DU
Rest 2 mins
20 STOH 50/30
150 DU
Rest 2 mins
30 STOH 40/20
200 DU

Post load and time to comments


  1. 108. Target was 100 given that my burpees are superbly inefficient! 108 was a bonus, but still disappointed, standard really!

  2. STOH 1 rep max effort
    30kg – 35kg – 40kg – 45kg
    didn’t go heavier as I felt my shoulder niggle

    WOD : 17.15
    STOH 40kg – 30kg – 20kg
    DU 20 – 10 – 5
    still getting used to doing DUs

  3. Fieldy

    Open gym
    19:05 rx dus were tough!

    Thanks for appointing us but less of the ‘idiots’ thank you! Hahaha!
    Phil and I will meet next week and get some ideas together. Watch this space! Ewwwsh!

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