This rat has clearly done CrossFit!!

20 Min AMRAP
5 Power Cleans 65/45kg
10 TTB
15 Wall Ball 9/7kg

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  1. Hahahah I actually think I’ve seen that rat on Friday night with “the bench club ninjas”. I think he came in with Skins and Lem.

  2. Love the clip.
    8 Rds Rx this morning.
    TTB got the better of me today!!

  3. wall ball, so never going to do well. 8rnds cleans and 1 t2b. have to say Terri’s warm up and no reps are excellent.

  4. 8 rnds and 2 cleans rx. Cleans got better as the rounds went on.

  5. 7 Rounds 1 PC.
    TTB have no rhythm, not helped by restricted R.O.M in my shouler at the mo either.
    Cleans felt heavy, but I was trying to keep good form, that may exlain it.

  6. 6 rds 5 cleans and 5 wall ball
    60kg cleans should have done 65kg but after another week off thought I’d pace myself rest was RX. Need to sort my routine out them all go :)
    Oh and cheers Si for full fat milk tip drunk 3 pints today already 😉

  7. 8rnds 6 TTB rx. Chest still rough so il take that!

  8. 8 rounds 5 pc rx TTB lack efficiency hate wall balls :( however did enjoy the wod, quite like the 20mins amrap as feel like a nice comfortable plod :)

  9. 8 rounds + 5 power cleans
    50kg power cleans / knees to elbow / 7kg wall ball

  10. Fieldy

    7rds + 4 pcs rx
    Happy with that! Good slog! Cleans felt great after changing my technique slightly! Wall balls suck!

  11. 7rds 5TTB Rx

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