When Can You Do Your Open WOD’s?

This is always a hectic time of year as competition fever grips everyone. Please remember we need to judge everyone who has entered the Open in order to submit and validate the results.
So in a bid to try and offer maximum opportunity to get them done and also ease the pressure on the coaches we are going to offer the opportunity to do the Open WODS as follows:

Thursdays programmed WOD will be the Open WOD regardless of whether you have entered the Open or not. So if you want to be judged you will have a chance in Open gym and during the 6:30pm class.
You can also request to be judged on a Friday between 12pm and 2pm and again during Open gym.
Finally Saturday during Open Gym you will also have an opportunity to request being judged.

Please communicate with us throughout the Open via email or our FB page to let us know when you would like to be judged for the Open WODS. This is just to help us so that we know who needs judging at a particular time and it will also help us avoid everyone needing to be judged when only 1 coach is available. Priority will be given to those that have “booked” a time to be judged.
Thanks and good luck!!


  1. G-Skins

    I’ll be there every Thursday to be judged if the that’s ok Matt

  2. Live laugh love x

    can i have 9.30am sat please

  3. can I do Fri open gym?

  4. i’ll be there every Thursday to be judged

  5. Friday open gym please. Diolch.

  6. hm, snatch eh. gives you lot a head start I suppose. Thursday or Fri open box for me.

  7. gocalf

    friday or saturday open gym do you want me to book a time?

  8. Lauren

    Can I do mine this eve please. If too many can also do fri or sat. I hope to receive gratuitous praise both during the wod and for my time flexibility. Many thanks

  9. Friday open gym for Cathy please. She cant seem to login. thanks

  10. Friday for me please

  11. G-Skins

    Rich Watkins will be there 2ngt to be judged also

  12. Can I do Friday at 1pm please

  13. Lauren

    sat open gym for me please. post nights and sleepy today

  14. 13.2 looks a good one!! can I do it in the 6.30 class tonight please?

  15. Friday 15th March open gym please if that’s ok. 430 wod 13.2

  16. fri or sat open gym please. ta

  17. Live laugh love x

    can i please book space to be judged sat open gym again, cheers

  18. Can I book Friday roughly around 6 please, thanks

  19. 6pm Friday please so I can go head to head with Gbemi 😉

  20. G-Skins

    Hey guys Rich Watkins will be at open gym @ 4pm to be judged for 13.3 … AND BENCH CLUB!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Can I have Thursday open gym please

  22. Live laugh love x

    can i please be judged sat morning again please

  23. G-Skins

    Ill be there for open gym today to be judged if that’s cool?

  24. can i do mine friday open gym about 10ish please? ta

  25. Hi Would like be judged Friday at open gym around 11am please? thanks

  26. Fri open gym please 10:18am

  27. Would like to be judged Friday at open gym 11am please. Thank you

  28. Can I be judged Saturday open gym please

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