We have a few who could crush this first workout of the Open:

A. 15 minutes to find a heavy single thruster

B. 3 rounds for time
18 Kb Swings 32/24 kg
9 Thrusters 50/35kg
3 Wall Walks

Post load and time to comments


  1. I’m almost sure it was 9:58! Can anyone confirm? I put down 8:58 on board, then realised it was faster than Si’s time and he finished before me! 28kg KB.

  2. Dewi, I had 6.48 rx thank you very much 😉

  3. Worked up to 100kg thruster.first time i’ce done heavy thruster, so relatively pleased with that.
    WOD 9:04RX
    Dews u were 8:58 coz u finished just before me. Bloody wall walks killed me right off!

  4. G-Skins

    70kg thruster

    10:11 RX

  5. Lol ! Apologies Si ! Seriously drunk this am!!!

  6. gocalf

    90kg thruster (100kg is pb so gutted) was not feeling strong this morning.
    9.25 (weights as rx but wall walks were not vertical)

  7. 110kg Thruster

    WOD 6:46 RX

  8. 90kg thruster


    Still not feeling 100%. Valid excuse?

  9. Fieldy

    70kg thruster (stopped at that felt a twinge! Got more when back to 100%!)

    WOD 9:56 rx

  10. 55kg thruster

    9:26 (40kg thrusters, 20kg kettle bell)

  11. Cherry picker

    70 kg thruster

    9.54 half wall walks

  12. micky84

    .75kg thruster
    WOD 9:38 (24kb,40thruster)

  13. 80kg thruster PB by 7.25kg

    28kg Kettlebell to eye level only.

  14. 7.24 rx 50kg thruster

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