Here is great blog post from Glenn Pendlay please read it.

Talking about perfect positions and technique have a look at this slowed down clean from current Olympic Champion Lu Xiaojun what a perfect visual model. I am also amazed every time I see him squat jerk…blows my mind. At normal speed what how easily and quickly he stands up out of the hole!!

3 Position Clean.
Focus on positions.
Load by feel.


5 Rounds For Time:
5 Deadlift 40/30kg
4 Squat Clean
3 Jerk
2 Back Squat
1 Snatch Balance
200m Run
You cannot drop the bar during barbell complex or a kitten will die somewhere in the world.

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  1. . 11:57 Rx
    Real good WOD

  2. 11:59 RX.
    Barbell Complex was fine, runs were agony with my achillies.

  3. 9:42 (subbed run for row and squat cleans for power cleans.) Struggling at mo to shake this injury can’t get full range of motion!!

  4. Cherry picker

    10.19 Rx enjoyed

  5. 9:56 RX nutty little wod

  6. Live laugh love x

    amazing clip, wowza
    wod 10.10 rx had to redo whole 2nd complex round, dropped bar in snatch balance, cheers jaffa ;-)would of been a decent time….good fun

  7. Leights


    Snatch balance not pretty

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