Some GTOH help….honest….


For Time:
15 GTOH 60/40kg
800m Run
50 Wall Ball 9/7kg
800m Run

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  1. 15.59 rx

    Poor form on gtoh, poor performance, need to wod with others to perform !

  2. 12:49 @50kg. Enjoyed this wod.

  3. Live laugh love x

    14.30 rx good wod

  4. 13:38 @ 50kg

  5. 17:07 @ 45kg GTOH / 7kg WB
    thanks to Jaffa for the “no reps” during the wall balls :)

  6. 14.40 rx enjoyed this wod this morning wall ball section in the middle went well only missed the target once for a *no rep” repeated and kept unbroken weird how final 15 gtoh was better form than first 15 must have been due to tiredness.

  7. 12:43 rx. Thought my time was up on the second run.. Horrible

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