Again sorry for the late post – the school servers again blocked access to the site today. So I am only now getting home to post.

For Time:
10 – 1
Back Squat (Body Weight)
Handstand Push Ups

In between rounds, run 100m

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  1. 17.10 100kg back squat (110kg body weight) 30″ box hspu enjoyed this morning although legs were destroyed after first round

  2. 20.59 one ab mat.

  3. 16:44 – 70kg back squat (78kg body weight) & 24″ box HSPUs
    think i’ll give real HSPUs a go soon …

  4. 16:16 rx. Loved the hspu. Hated the squats!!! Testing wod.

  5. 20:15 @ 90kg
    HSPU’S with 2 Abmats

  6. 19:47 @ 102.5kg
    10-6 HSPU -strict
    5-1 1abmat kipping(strict better form)
    Subbed 100m run for a 30 sec row because of achillies. Tasty as hell!

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