12mins Every Minute, On the minute

1 Hang Power Clean,
1 Hang Squat Clean,
1 Full Squat Clean

Post loads to comments


  1. stayed at 45kg all the way through to build up strength with movements, could of gone 50 for the last set. Enjoyed the wod :)

  2. 90kg up to 10 then last two on 100kg

  3. All at 80 kg, after the first round I thought “what the hell have I done”. Never thought I’d get through all 12 . Well happy.

  4. 60kg-62.5kg. Good wod

  5. Live laugh love x

    50kg then last 4 sets at 52.5kg felt great, good wod and atmosphere at the box

  6. 6 @ 60kgs
    6 @ 65kgs
    Poss could of gone heavier but wanted to keep good form.

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