Team RCFV Classes

Last night we had our first ‘team RCFV’ class which was a great mixture of skill work with a tasty little WOD to finish.  There has been a bit of confusion with the team RCFV programming with many of those who are wanting to attend concerned that they aren’t able to make open gym sessions every day in order to follow the programme.  Due to the fact that only full time athletes (e.g. Terri) or those with part-time jobs (e.g. teachers, Rhod Morgan (who is also known as the 4Ts: Ten til Two, Tuesday to Thursday)) would be able to follow a committed program in open gym sessions such as the one that was programmed for this week.  Our opening hours will hopefully continue to develop and we will obviously adapt and evolve as we move forward.

We have therefore made the decision to not programme a team RCFV WOD every day.  For the time being, we will post a Wednesday and a Friday WOD (Wednesday being the night when we are holding the team RCFV class every other week and Friday being the day where we have open gym until much later in the evening).  Our normal programme provides members with enough variation, skill work and coaching to develop fully.  These supplementary WODs will help to develop these skills further with the Wednesday session providing a platform for those who want to compete to train with like minded people in a competitive environment. 

So at present the team RCFV class will take place every other Wednesday night.  So, to re-iterate some points that we have already made through FB and this blog before:

  • It must be highlighted that this would not be an advanced class as such, as CrossFit is universally scaleable to all abilities. Through following the programming of RCFV together with utilising open gym sessions to further work on skill development, members can and will progress in competence.  Please do not think of this as an advanced class but simply for those that not only wish to train CrossFit to be fit and healthy but also to compete in CrossFit competitions.
  • It is proposed that the ‘competitors class’ will provide the opportunity for those members who proactively enter CrossFit competitions to have some more coaching/time to work on more complex skills and competition strategy in a competitive environment. Sessions would consist of skill/strength work with workouts included as well.
  • There would be a few proposed criteria to provide entry to these classes to ensure maximum benefit to all involved:
  • As stated previously, to be proactively entering CrossFit competitions. 
  • To be of a standard of CrossFitter who possesses the ability to perform (well!) the majority of movements commonly used in CrossFit workouts.
  • As a guide, to be able to perform the majority of the named ‘girl’ WODs as Rx and at the intensity they are intended (I.e. rxing Fran but taking 10 minutes is not the aim here).
  • Commit to the programming – whilst it will not be a full weeks programming, this weeks team RCFV program illustrates the importance of active rest/mobility days. 
  • You must have an account (username and password) to access the page.  Please do not share this programming with anyone outside RCFV.  Record everything in your diaries.


A) 2-2-2-2 Front Squat

B) 15 Minute AMRAP

5 Front Squat 80/50kg

10 Knees to Elbows

15 Wall Ball 9/7kg


  1. Really enjoyed last nights 7.30 class! thanks again Jaffa for giving up your time for us!Learnt some good tips for the split jerk and wod was a good un!!!!

    • I second that! Was a great night and a huge thanks Jaff for the extra time especially after your “business trip” 😉
      Will see u all bright and early saturday for some catch up work and the “Hope” WOD!

  2. Sorry for not attending the new class last night, want to compete as a master etc, but not sure that my niggling injuries, poor attitude, or shift work etc would allow it. ( no jokes about teachers/ plumbers/ or paracetamol peddlers here).
    Keen to get involved though.
    Quick wod tonight.
    6 rounds, and 5 squats rx.

    Sorry about my weights Terri.

  3. FS

    Wod 15min amrap
    5 FS 80kgs (60)
    10 KTE
    15 wall ball

    6rds + 8 KTE

  4. 70-80-85-90
    5 rounds (60kg)
    Jelly legs after

  5. Quick in and out for me:

    6rounds 8 KTE rx

  6. 110,120,120,130 squat. 6 rnds and 2 squats.

  7. Live laugh love x

    f/sqts- 50, 50, 60, 65
    wod- 4rds & 5K2E @ 50kg & 7kg ball- really struggled on K2E. Bar work seems to be my weakness big time. wasn’t getting K2E half reps!

  8. front squat 60-65-70-75

    wod – 7 rounds + 5 FS (50kg) + 10 KNE
    wall ball 7kg

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