We will be doing this on Sat:


A. 30 mins to establish 3RM Overhead Squat

B. AMRAP 6 Mins
3 Hang Power Snatch 50/30kg
9 Sit Ups

Post loads and rounds to comments


  1. 65kg ohs.

    Wod @ 40kg , 6 rds and 2 ohs.

  2. Only made it to 42.5kg OHS back a bit dodgy again :(

    Nice to watch Carley’s pb 55kg this morning and Frew’s 80kg for 3!

    WOD 6 rounds + 3 HPS 30kg

  3. Worked up to 80kg OHS. Felt comfortable when it sticks, when it doesn’t ……..oooooooffffffff!
    4 rounds plus 3HPS RX subbed ABMat for GHD to full extension.
    Really cheeky WOD, loved it!

  4. 75kgs(2) comfortable but shaking like a tit in the breeze for 3! Defo get it next time!

    6rds +3 hs @40kgs enjoyed it! Kept it to 40 to keep moving.

  5. went upto 40kg (PB) x 5 for OHS technique
    4 rounds + 5 OHS @ 35kg
    could of done 5 rounds, need to work on form!

  6. 90 for 3 comfortably and 100 for 2, should have been 3 if I was patient. Weight was fine.

    7rnds rx for the wod

  7. Live laugh love x

    OHS 3 x 45kg what was my 1rm is now my 3rm
    Wod 6rds & 1 snatch RX

  8. OHS x 3 @ 30kg increased by 10kg from last pb
    WOD 4 rds + 9 OHS
    Feeling good

  9. worked up to 55kg on OHs (2) def got the third in me just got to make sure I pull that bar back- pushing it from behind the neck felt strong whereas I have always lacked confidence in this. Wod 7 rounds, felt good, enjoyed

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