The Competitors Class (Team RCFV) starts on Weds 7:30pm-8:30pm. To attend you must:

  • Have a desire to compete in UK comps and the CF Open / Regionals
  • Have a fairly high skill level and ability to perform most of the regular RCFV programmed WODS without scaling.
  • Be a Unlimited member
  • Commit to the programming – you will change over to my competitors programming and no longer follow the regular RCFV programming.  THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE- IF I PROGRAMME AN ACTIVE RECOVERY SESSION YOU DO IT AND DO NOT TRAIN.  Competition programming is massively different to regular CrossFit programming.  I have a set of goals in mind when I put together these sessions and for them to work you must follow it.
  • You can access the whole week in advance by clicking the Team RCFV button in the menu (see its different I actually tell you whats in store!!)
  • You must have a account (username and password) to access the page.  Please do not share this programming with anyone outside RCFV.  Record it in your diary’s and I will want your numbers at certain times.

A) HSPU technique work and 3 x max reps HSPU/Handstand holds

B) Flight Simulator
For Time: Double Unders

Post reps and time or days to comments


  1. HSPU Skills – I can now kick into the wall rather than headstand up, numbers were
    9-9-6 strict HSPU.
    DU’s were crap, double single, strung 12 together at most. But worked for the 20mins time cap to get a burn! #frustration

  2. Would love to give the Competitiors class a go, few things I struggle with but defo have ambition to compete when i’m ready!!

  3. Live laugh love x

    so excited for this competitors class and programme :-)

  4. Really looking forward to the competitors programming/class.

    Very fun open gym tekkers session with Penny and Debs.

    Haven’t conquered it yet but did manage 5 kick ups to wall without having my head on the wall.

    Flight simulator 9:35.

  5. keen to give this a go. in london working on wed though.

  6. Bench /backsquat super sets
    70/70 75/75 80(2)/80 75/80 75/80



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