For Time:
15 Clusters 60/40kg
21 Pull ups
21 Push ups
200m Run
15 Pull ups
15 Push ups
200m Run
9 Pull ups
9 Push ups
200m Run
15 Clusters

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  1. 14:35 RX
    Huge help from Gbemi to push through las few reps of clusters.
    Pull ups are coming along despite a few no reps for not getting my chops over the bar! Progress!

  2. 10.50 rx bit of a shoulder issue at the moment slowing me up a bit

  3. 16:11 40kg
    Halved pull ups, taking
    Too long to rep them!!!

  4. 16.20 realise i put Rx on board but as i drove away this morning thought i probably should’nt have. got no repped on my 15 for pull ups and though i redid my first 5 can’t really claim Rx as my first round definetly had some no rep’s(did not even realise my chin was not clearing the bar). the pull ups from 15 onwards felt a lot better and more explosive so gonna focus on tekkers from no on!(and make doubly sure of any Rx’s i post #Wodtegrity

  5. 15:10 RX

    This broke me

  6. Andy Burns

    15.09 … subbed clusters to front squats and push ups to bench press (60kg) … so all in all a completely different workout. ha ha.

    Good to be back though!!

  7. djrob2003

    12:40 – 35kg clusters

  8. 16:49 rx
    Weirdly enjoyed it!

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