A. 15 Mins Skills Work Turkish Get Up
B. Jackie
1000m Row
50 Thrusters 20kg
30 Pull Ups

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  1. My first morning sesh. What a wake up call! 8:19 rx.

  2. Same again tomorrow Dewi

  3. 9:11 RX
    Should have gone quicker on the row, 3:29, felt comfortable. Ah well, i’ll know next time!
    Happy with pull-up progress recently though.

  4. I’m in the planning phase Si! Could be another session on the cards!

  5. 12:00 Rx
    As usual pull ups killed
    My time!!!!

  6. 10.02 rx nice to be back!

  7. 7:47 RX massive ‘Fran’ burn!

  8. 8.31 rx Row was slow as usual, took 4.30 to get thru it!!!! :O

  9. 7.24 rx for me. Over a minute PB

  10. 8:53 rx (pb by over a minute) could of gone a bit harder on the row 3m 43 for 1000m

  11. 9.29 rx row was good thrusters were good but was killing my kips today.

  12. djrob2003

    9:32 RX happy with that :)

  13. Live laugh love x

    Im so ashamed of my time :-(
    was fast in the row and thrusters. pullups were horendous! really need to push away from bar.
    10.25 rx
    on the plus side its over 2 mins faster than in november at dwf

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