If you had noticed I had just started a .com cycle with our programming where we would follow the main site one day behind. It is simply the best CrossFit programming. But a change of plan will see Terri and Frew programming the next month for you guys so make sure your nice to them or they could get nasty!!!


3 Pos Snatch x 3 reps at each position
Load by feel


Clean & Jerk 15-12- and 9 reps
Touch and go at floor only. Even a re-grip off the floor is a foul. No dumping. Use same load for each set. Rest as needed between the sets.

Post loads for O-Class and time for WOD to comments


  1. Live laugh love x

    Evening Coaches. cant wait to get back training next week, missed it!
    Just an idea, Terry & Frew seeing as ur going to be responsible for the fun next next month, any chance we could get some more team wods in classes? The wods in DWF were wicked! males & females partnered? would be really cool :-)

  2. 70kg but was a miss count on the 15 muppet

  3. 65lg
    Very different WOD, enjoyed! Serious lack of a.m crew today!! Pussies! Lol

  4. 50kg working on my tekkers still a good blast this am. Simon think the am crew have been destroyed by the lengthy met-cons

  5. Really enjoyed this session today with the morning crew. I want to be Sarah Hopping! Will definitely redo this one soon.
    Awesome Oly class tonight … we’ll see if the tekkers pay off tomorrow in Amanda. Simmo I do believe I have earned my t-shirt this week.

    • Tezza you certainly have. Two sessions and two coaching sessions too! More than earned your stripes! 😉 lol!! See you in open gym around 4:45!

  6. djrob2003

    35kg wanted to improve on my form by not going to heavy, enjoyed oly class as well !!

  7. Gwen @ 50kgs
    Forearm burner! Good strength sesh but blowy too!

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