2013 CrossFit Open



  1. What’s the crack with this?? Speak to me people!

  2. they post 5ive wods one a week you register your score either at affiliates or an unedited video clip top 60 go through to regionals

  3. last years wods
    wod 1 7 min as many burpees as possible
    wod 2 was 30 snatch at 75lbs? then 100 odd then 135? get as many reps in 10 mins
    then there were others involving ttb, ctb, and muscle ups, just look up open wods 2012. had a gander but beyond me, yet 😉

  4. Keen to give it a go for the crack! Have registered on crossfit games.com but can’t see a link to join RCFV.

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