Good luck to Coach Terri and Carly this weekend at the London Throwdown we know you will rep #RCFV well!!

Some more evidence that what you do at RCFV is going to help you live a longer healthier life and be generally harder to kill:


Our Founder on how it began for CrossFit – the last 12 seconds sums up CrossFit. I love this community!!


Press 3-3-3
Deadlift 3-3-3
Squat 3-3-3

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  1. good luck guys. defo weaker in the morning press 60kg all sets, squat 120/30/40 and dead 140/50/60. Reckon 10kg on all these at least in an arvo session.

  2. Good luck Teza and Carly!!!!!!

    Press 3.3.3
    Deadlifts 3.3.3
    Back squat

    Clean and jerk

  3. Good luck tezza and carley
    Press 70,70,70kg
    Deadlift 160,160,160
    Back squat 120,120,120 (felt could of gone a little heavier but was lookin after my back )

  4. Press. 60,62.5,65
    Deadlift 100,120,140
    Squat 80,85,87.5
    1rm for Deadlift was 140 so happy to get 3reps.

  5. Caught up with this this morning

    Press (strict) – 40kg – 50kg (2 reps) 45 ( 1 rep) – 45 kg
    Dead lift – 100kg – 120kg – 140kg (2 reps new pr) 120kg (1 rep)
    Squat – 70 kg – 100kg – 110kg ( new pr)

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