What a crazy day!!! That snow came from no where!! You may need this:


10 Rounds For Time:
10 WallBall 9/7kg
10 KB swings 24/16kg

At the start and on every minute perform 3 HSPU

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  1. hmmm this might become part of the 6:30 class warm up… build and igloo… on the minute every minute… 3 naked snow burpees…

  2. “an” igloo

  3. nice wod tezza!
    11.30 (3 x 30 inch box hspu omem)
    lostcount a bit with this one today even though i was using counters :)

  4. 20:00 mins. First 2 rounds were rx 1 HSPU after that. Think I may have done a round more can’t be sure head was fried!

  5. Was doing really well, 5 rounds with 1 abmat, then rest with 2!
    Got 5 wall balls through round 9 and my back started seazing up. Decided to leave it there. Was around 10:45 mins to that point.
    Built up a 1 RM Power Clean before that, 50-60-70-80-90-100(F)- wrist wreck!
    Need to get the squat clean sorted to progress above 100!
    Going to head Tezza’s advice and drop to 70-80% and work on a higher pull before drop!

  6. djrob2003

    14:28 6kg wall ball / 20kg kettle bell / HSPU off 24″ box

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