AMRAP 10 Mins
4 Burpees
4 CTB Pull Up
4 Hang Power Snatch 40/30kg

Post rounds to comments


  1. 11 rnds 4 burpees rx enjoyed

  2. 9Rounds exactly! RX. Cheeky WOD.

  3. 8 rounds on the buzzer. Band CTB 30kg

  4. 5 rds 4 burpees and 4 ctb RX. Took ages on the ctb but good wod :)

  5. Andy Burns

    Great to be back … first metcon in 4 moths!!

    9rds 1 burpee –> pussy burpees up on one knee first; pull ups and 20kg snatch. Back was a bit sore when jumping the bar up but better than it has felt in a long time

  6. Taking it easy this week so this was a nice wod just to tick over. Did press ups instead of ctb as need hands to heal before weekend!

  7. 10 Rds 1 CTB pu. (40kg Hang C J)

  8. Live laugh love x

    9 RDS & 2 SNATCHES- @ 30Kg
    managed c2b on first rd then tried to get up as far as i could but really struggled, last 4 rds just did kipping pullups.

  9. 9rds rx
    blower! Cheers Teza for the pointers and encouragement throughout!

  10. djrob2003

    11 rounds

  11. 11 rnds through to the snatches on rnd 12

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