What’s your excuse?

3 Rounds For Time:
5 Rope Climbs
25 Back Squats 80/50kg

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  1. 17.38 rx had to go a bit slow and steady today back still a bit sore from friday :) rope climbs were good but back squats got hard fast

  2. Most amount of climbs i’ve ever done. And I mean ever, not just in a workout!
    Struggle with tekkers on the climb, (thanks for the help Tezza)
    Squats were fine, got them out in 10’s and 15’s except last set, 10,5,5,5.

  3. 16:12 60kg and 2 RC. Legs will feel it tomorrow!

  4. 14.56 rx , rope climbs ok, had to break up the squats.

  5. 18:05

  6. djrob2003

    14:39 10 ft rope climb / 60kg back squat – think I need to man up

  7. hard going this am, not sure why. wod as rx 13.19.

  8. 13:56rx for me.

  9. 14:19
    3 rc’s @60kgs

  10. Live laugh love x

    19.43 RX found squats heavy! will not be wearing lifting shoes doing rope climbs again, rope kept sliding out of my feet.

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