Snow Burpee Challenge

Outstanding effort by all!!  If you have not seen the videos on our Facebook page get over there and check them out! Highlight has to be Daryll Collins doing his burpees in his pants to the Rocky soundtrack!!

The following have earned themselves a RazorStorm tshirt:

Rob Williams

Simon & Nia


Andrew Goudge

Mike Coffey

Emma Williams

Darryl Collins

Love your work guys and Nia!!!






  1. Great Effort by all. Glad to see us all making the most of a snow day. Great FUN. More little challenges like this will have to be done. I’m already in the planning stage.

  2. How many members from other “gyms” would be getting together to do this kind of thing!?
    Quality!! Looking forward to the next challenge!

  3. Great effort guys! V funny to watch!

  4. Loving the outdoor action!!!!

  5. and Lee Draper did it!
    Fair do’s the majority of the candidates were regular morning crew! I though you were all crazy to train every morning @ 630! now I think ur all even more crazy!!! :) Respect to u all! Hard core!!!!! 😉

  6. Awesome effort bios bach. I actually mis-read the challenge particulars! Ended up doing 5 rounds 12 of burpees, but the Mrs forgot to press record! Gutted. But I’ll settle for a t-shirt.

  7. was already on the verge of doing it when i saw frew’s video could’nt leave a man on his own! hardest part was uploading the video.

  8. Totally agree with Goudgy! Almost burst with frustration at not bein able to upload the vids!!!

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