Sorry guys, due to adverse weather conditions and this country’s inability to deal with it the box was closed this morning and will remain closed for the lunchtime session (12-2pm). We will review the road situation then and hopefully open from 3pm. Please keep checking our facebook page as we will announce this on there. Sorry for any incovenience caused. In the meantime, if you need to train before these times, get out in the snow and deadlift and thruster some real life objects (tree trunks, husband/wife etc).

Deadlift 100/70kg
Thruster 40/30kg

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  1. 9:05
    100kg DL 30kg ST
    Weight got heavy

  2. My form was dirty on the deads

    5.26 rx

  3. 7.51 rx…..struggled today for some reason! :(

  4. 6.27 rx 21’s were good and unbroken but had to take rest on the 15’s broken into 5’s last 9 on deadlift good but felt i could have pushed a bit harder on final thrusters. overall pretty happy (2nd wod after snow burpees?)

  5. 7:27 poor today!

  6. 8:18 80kg / 30kg
    haven’t done a long rep with deadlifts so had to break it down into 10, 11 – 5,5,5 & 3,3,3. Getting better with Thrusters :)

  7. 6:05 rx. Thrusters Suck!

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