Start by hanging in a hollow body position with shoulders glued to your ears
Pull your thighs towards your chest and swing toes toward the bar, keeping legs straight
Ascend legs until the toes touch the bar or pass through the arms
Keep the head in throughout entire movement
Note: Ideal situation would be toes passing through the arms with legs together



Perform in any order:
50 Ring Rows
50 Strict Toes to Bars
100 Push Ups

Post experience to comments


  1. Live laugh love x

    strict toes to bar= really hard, managed 1 then scaled to knees to chest.
    first time doing ring rows, enjoyed. used small box.
    pressups strict and felt strong :-)
    ive never had foreams so pumped after a wod!! mahusive

  2. Didnt really enjoy this session. On the plus side my press ups are loads better! :) Sorry Terri, Leights and Feildy for moaning bout my ttb :O

  3. really enjoyed this morning nice relaxed atmosphere good to have no 3,2,1 go to really focus on movements, only managed 3ttb before they became kte but used bumper plates for ring rows good arm burn.

  4. Used Big Box for Ring Rows- Tezza’s advice, to get more resistance from steeper angle. Really happy with those. TTB took forever, mentally tough to stop yourself from swinging.
    Press-ups , 5×20.
    And Tezza’s cheeky Tabatta DU’s to finish was a great touch.
    Good Times!!!

  5. Press ups poor as usual , 25, 10 , then 5’s.
    Ring rows on box , so body parallel when at bottom of row, 10 then 5’s.
    TTB, 10 then 5’s, all with slight knee bend, “cos these hands don’t touch these toes with no straight legs !!”.

  6. wod was sort of like waking up and stretching, shouldve done a mental heavy short metcon at end

  7. Did the ttb 1st went ok. no reps 2.Press ups next and made myself look sideways so my cheek and chest were touching the floor. Did 10s up to 40 then 5s. Lost count on 80 or 85 so stated on 80! No reps 2!
    Ring rows were tough as! Feet on a box as leights said this is proper rx! Took ages! No reps…loads! Good sesh, good to be strict especially if Teza is watching!

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