For Time:
30 Hang Power Cleans 50/30kg
60 Double Unders
20 HPC
40 Double Unders
10 HPC
20 Double Unders

At the start and on every minute do 3 burpees.

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  1. Good wod enjoyed this bar DU.
    11:36 RX although did a hell of allot of singles then DU so was slow as hell on them. Gotta work on DU massively

    Welcome back terri though :)

  2. 7:54
    Halfed the double Unders, Rx next time!!!

  3. 7:24 RX
    DU’s hugely inconsistent, double single, double single, double snag, snag, double double double double snag!
    Head wreck!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cleans felt really good though! All rounds unbroken!

  4. 7:23 rx. Double unders hard work tonight! Tough wod.

  5. 11:48 Rx got me double unders but slow as hell, chuffed with my form on hang clean though feels a lot better bar is shooting up with hardly any muscling up now!

  6. djrob2003

    11:15 – 40kg

  7. Cherry picker

    10.54 rx

  8. 8:49 rx

    Damn rope broke on the 40s too! Bit quicker next time I think (hope!)

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