Snatch – 75% x 3 x 2, 75% x 2 x 3
Snatch Pull – 95% (of snatch) x 3 x 5
Pause Back Squat – 70% x 4 x 5

Note the progression – the loads have increased by 5% and so this is why it is important that you have been recording all the sessions in this particular cycle – if you do not load the bar exactly with a 5% increase you will not see the planned progressions.


“GI Jane”
100 Burpee Pull Ups For Time

Post time / loads to comments


  1. like the look of this wod but cant make today. see you in the morning gang.

  2. 13.54 rx , tallest bar on end of rig.

  3. I think it was 13:05 or 14:05!?? Diary in the car and I cant be arsed to go get it!
    Glad I watched the video on Crossfit.com last night, alternate grip/alternate rep helped my grip(callus rips) and fatigue didnt set in so bad on the pulls!
    Felt like I was going to kick Lee in the face a few times too! Haha

  4. Live laugh love x

    13.20 smashed previous time by 5 mins! :-)

  5. 17:50 Rx

    Didnt enjoy!!!!!

  6. Cherry picker

    16.39 ouch

    37 with Kipling pull-up then had to move to Jumping when the arms gave up

    Cheers Leights for getting me through :)

  7. 11:39 Rx

  8. 17.00 Rx worked through steady felt quite good definetly good to use the mixed grip from the video was’nt even looking for the bar when I jumped up

  9. djrob2003

    16.06 happy with that time, just need to nail kipping pull ups now :)

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