Remember on this workout you are doing 5 WORKING Sets. You should not do the first set as a warm up. This should be done prior to set 1.
If you fail a set it counts as a working set.
The load should scare you.
Maintain MLS always or drop the bar!
Rest 3-5mins between sets.
If you have enough energy at the end to do a met con you have not gone heavy enough!!!

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  1. 150-150-150-160-160
    well chuffed today original 1RM in april on-ramp 130kg last time we did 5×5 deadlifts got to 130kg x 5(my original pb) and today got 160kg for 3 RM measurable improvement or what?

  2. 110-120-125-130-130 wasn’t sure my form was up to any heavier but maybe next time!

    Then got roped into doing Jaffa’s ‘finisher’. 3 Rounds of 5 tyre flips! I will sleep well tonight!

    Good session, enjoyed.

  3. 140-150-160-170-180(f)
    Not back in the swing of a.m yet, 1st one back and felt flat!
    180 was 1RM in May, but managed it in 5RM session a few months back. Not up to standard today! Gutted!
    On the plus side I did manage to egg Goudgy on to his new PB’s! 😉

  4. djrob2003

    I joined the 100kg club last night when my previous PB was 80kg

  5. Stopped at 170 being a wuss

  6. Leights


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