Guys and gals. Please keep referring to the Christmas opening hours post until 14th Jan when everything returns to normal.  There are still a few changes to the normal schedule next week (mainly for daytime sessions) due to coaches’ holidays (and CC leaving us in the lurch)!


30 Snatches for time 60/40kg

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  1. micky84

    3:30 40kg, tekkers was shocking, need to work on it big style, good WOD tho!!!!!

  2. 5:04 RX
    need to work on pushing my hips through on the shrug phase.
    Flat on my back two days in a row!

  3. Haha…nothing to do with Terri abandoning you. Still sunny and warm here in Southern California….tho the locals are complaining about the cold. Off to do Loredo this morning.i actually have to walk about 200 m from my hotel room to the gym…in my shorts and t-shirt #lifeistough

  4. Oh frightfully sorry.

    Angie: 17:01

    Isabel soon…

  5. Cherry picker

    3.32 @ 50 kg

  6. djrob2003

    3.45 – 40kg : first time at that weight doing snatches

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