For Time:

100 Pull Ups

100 Press Ups

100 Sit Ups

100 Squats

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  1. Leights

    Another pb by 40 seconds. Press ups slowed me big time.

    19.45 rx


  2. micky84

    50 pull ups RX’d the rest!!!! #Nasty

  3. 23.57rx (tried to be as strict as possible on push ups ) chuffed new pb last time was 20.20 but did 50 pull ups and push ups so well chuffed to get under 24 mins for 50 extras on both

  4. 22:28
    Rhythm is a huge issue on pull ups, but i’m so chuffed with press-ups! Strict and 40 reps unbroken, then chipped away at it in 10’s, 5’s, 3’s and 2’s!
    Nothing to compare it to, but relatively happy overall! Just wish I could stop killing the kipp on the down phase!

  5. 22:28 RX oops!

  6. 29.25 rx. Real struggle with the pull-ups and press up as expected! Hands torn to pieces and body in bits.

  7. 23.44 happy with time, need to nail strict / kipping pull ups

  8. 21.21rx pb

  9. 18.24 rx My first set of pull ups I managed 20 unbroken which is a record for me and they felt realy good as I was pushing away from the bar and felt relaxed, as soon as I stopped though I started loosing that rhythym very very quickly and fell back into the trap of my drop from the bar! My hands shredded to like many others! The 100 turned to be a slow struggle :O Press ups tough too making sure that chest hi the floor….ended up in 3’s and 2’s but just made sure I kept chipping to keep moving.

  10. Ha ha the pleasure is mine Leights! One all this week, so far. Angie rx 16:50. People, no excuse for ripped hands – sand/cut callouses off every week as they still grow if you don’t train.

  11. Si I need you to teach me! my hands have 2 permanent holes in them and its boring me now!

  12. 21:22 rx for me. Over a 4 minute PB. Just did sets of 5 for the press ups and got through them quicker Thant pull ups. Helped me a lot

  13. 16:43
    50 pull ups
    50 press ups

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