1) Front Squat 5×3
2) Snatch Push Press 5×2


3 Rounds For Time:
Run 400m
21 KB Swings 24/16kg
12 Pull Ups

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  1. Leights

    Good start to the New Year, 22 second PB.

    9.06 rx.

  2. 9:16 rx.
    A 3:41min Improvement from last time I did Helen. That was at 20kg kb. Good start to 2013 :)

  3. Ha ha terrible start to the year for me, 20s slower than previous Helen time, as rx 9:29.

  4. 10.52 rx for me, nothing to compare it to but I’m fairly happy. Legs got heavy on the last run, defo room for improvement

  5. 8.46 rx ,around 1m improvement on last time !

  6. 1.30 sorry

  7. djrob2003

    20kg kettle bell,
    bumper plate pull ups

    need to up my game with running

  8. 12:05 Rx good start for me too about a 3 minute improvement and used 20kg last time so chuffed!

  9. 10:53 rx 8 seconds slower than my pb. Tried to slow down the run to do the kbs and pus unbroken. Got tactics wrong!!

  10. Oly – Fromt squats 5×3 57.5/60/62.5/62.5/65.5 1rm was 65kg so hopefully that has increased now.

    snatch p/press – 5×2 30kg/35kg/35kg/35kg/35kg

    Helen – 10.15 rx

  11. DmxRonin

    8:33 Rx PB!

    x Farewell RCFV x

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