Party time tomorrow!!! The RCFV official party planner has asked if everyone can wear something “Christmasy” like a jumper, antlers or Crimbo hat. ┬áThere will be forfeits for those whose do not comply!!!! Ho Ho Ho!!!


‘Dae Han’

Three rounds of:

Run 800 meters with a 20 kg dumbbell

15 foot rope climb, 3 ascents

60 kg thruster, 12 reps

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  1. that 800m run was hideous ! rope climbs and thruster no probs but there is no good way to carry a 20kg dumbell.
    26.58 Rx
    All credit to nick must have been hard to push through on your own especially the run (i had andy williams to chase)

  2. 25.56; 15kg dumbell and 40kg thrusters! Second early morning of the week! :)

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