This blog runs on the WordPress platform and they recently released version 3.5 which I upgraded the site to and it caused the problem with the app.  That is now fixed…but another problem (bug) with this new version is that you cannot add pics to posts (which is a significant problem for bloggers worldwide) and they are trying to fix it.  Anyway the reason I am letting you know is that CC’s post had some cool pics that he wanted inserted at key points in his “story” but at the moment that cannot be done.  So the best I can do is upload them to Instagram so you can view them in the sidebar!!

Wondered where CC has been the last few days…….. No it was not the GUM clinic, read on …

The last few days I’ve been staying with my Grandparents. Who live in the wilderness of Newcastle. By that I mean there lovely house and garden are located at the end of a large wood. However I always feel like Rambo when I go up and often find myself hiding in the forest for hours, in full camo and a very decent bow and arrow. Waiting for a squirrel. I’m yet to kill one. But have tried many times. (this is not a lie)

I sometimes go up and stay twice a year for 4-5 days. In this time I obviously have to train to maintain my mental abs and constant female attention.

This is my grandfathers garage who, (look at pic in sidebar) at the age of 70 is still working as a builder. My theory towards his youthful exuberance and soft, gentle skin is in his diet. Long before myself or anybody I know new about nutrition he was basically eating paleo (bar potatoes and bread) all his veg is grown by himself and he eats fish twice a week, caught by himself. To me he’s like the modern day Rambo, just with a Geordie accent and kind eyes. He refuses to eat anything in packaging. He also won’t eat chicken unless it was bought with the legs attached to the body. Furthermore he recently had high cholesterol, refusing the doctors tablets he lowered it by changing a few things in his diet. Although he maintains he just stopped going to the pub.

In this messy garage of his he made me the coolest pull up bar I’ve seen. I suffer from being slightly retarded so forgot to take a photo of it, you can just make out the corner. I often do a WOD with some pull ups, press ups and maybe swing some kind of weight. There’s loads of shit in there.

Unfortunately this time the pull up bar was off limits due to fuck loads of clutter, which frankly I couldn’t be arsed to move. So, I had a look around and found a role of felt (22kg) and a single dumbell probably just over 15kg. I also had my trusty ‘Edge Gear’ skipping rope which are still available from Banf or myself at a very reasonable £12.50…

So I came up with:

3 rounds for time:

30 press ups
40 Zercher/front squats with role of felt (22kg)
50 double unders

(See side bar for the equipment he used)

Time was around 15 minutes…. I did not intend on working this hard. The wod was brutal on the shoulders! The width of the felt made squatting it pretty difficult, along with the double unders and press ups. My shoulders were gone. My time was also made slower by a passing RED squirrel, which I hadn’t seen a while, so I stopped and pondered.

I decided to not use the dumbell as my malnourished, skinny and child like frame can only dream of lifting 15’s. I also felt there was enough movements and pain and didn’t want to add anymore. All in all a pretty cool wod. Scenery wasn’t bad either.





10 Rounds For Time:


6 Deadlift 100kg

12 Pull Ups

24 DU

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  1. Nice work CC. A true literary Genius.

  2. Good blog CC. Can’t wait to read about your adventures in Gran Canaria!
    Good Wod this morning too.
    DU’s went to shit for a few rounds but I think my eyes were still closed.
    21:31 Rx

  3. nice blog CC
    WOD killed me this morning mainly due to double unders :)
    38.06? (was slightly wod drunk) 2 ab mat on hspu
    as a bonus got a pb for double unders 21 unbroken chuffed!

  4. WOD 32.20- 2 ab mat hspu. Very deceiving this one!
    CC- strange boy!!

  5. Struggled with the PU tonight! Didn’t manage any unbroken! Awesome WOD though. 25:58 rx.

  6. This made me chuckle!(the blog not WOD)

    Wod was good, 21.30 did 70kg for deads rest rx

  7. 32:14 (1 abmat hspu’s)

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