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Today sees the start of  ” 7 Days Of Heroes” where we will be doing a Hero WOD everyday in the build up to Christmas.  Be sensible with your training over the next few days look after yourself and rest when you need to.


Five rounds for time:
30 reps, 24kg Kettlebell swing
30 Burpees
30 GHD sit-ups

Post time to comments


  1. 33:58 Rx
    Twas hell!

  2. 26.47 (horizontal ghd) just kept ploddin through

  3. 23 mins scaled to 15 ghd though! GHD remain a weakness of mine, am not confident with them and I fail to use my hips and snap with my legs and can feel the strain on my lower back! good tough wod! plus I actually made it to 6.30am…hope to be there again in the morning! bring on the hero wods over the next 7 days! :)

  4. 34.37rx…. HELL!

  5. Did this in sat open gym on my own for some stupid reason- 39.14 rx

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