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Terri has a great link to article for all you runners.


Part A:
Power Clean 3 – 3 – 3

Part B:
Uneven Grace 65/45kg
Athlete loads bar unevenly with a 5kg imbalance.
eg: Rx = 20kg Bar – 20kg Plate and a 25kg Plate

Perform 15 reps facing one way with the lighter load on the left, jump over the bar and perform 15 reps with the lighter load on the right.

Post loads and time to comments


  1. 90-90-95(1) 90(2)

    4:11 I think for the WOD bit disappointed looking back. Should have hung on to the first set for longer!

  2. 90, 95, 97.5 then did some technique didn’t have time for un-even Grace. Thanks for coaching Matt!

  3. 90-90-90

    6.06 rx for uneven grace really struggled on left side

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